Lyophilized Bulk Sterile Products
Sr. No. Therapeutic Category Product Specifications US-DMF    CEP    DMF (Open Part)
1 Antiviral Acyclovir for Injection USP DMF
2 Antibiotic Colistimethate Sodium for Injection USP/IP DMF
3 Antibacterial Chloramphenicol Sodium Succinate for Injection IP/BP DMF
4 Muscle Relaxant Succinyl Choline Chloride for Injection PN DMF
5 NSAID Tenoxicam for Injection BP DMF
6 Antibiotic Polymyxin B Bulk Sterile USP
7 Antiulcerative Esomeprazole Sodium for Injection PN DMF
8 Antiulcerative Omeprazole Sodium for Injection PN DMF
9 Antiulcerative Pantoprazole Sodium for Injection BP DMF
10 Corticosteroid Hydrocortisone Sodium Succinate for Injection USP/IP DMF
11 Corticosteroid Methylprednisolone Sodium Succinate for Injection USP DMF
Pipeline Products
Fosfomycin Sodium for Injection Rabeprazole for Injection Tigecycline for Injection Vancomycin for Injection

Note :

  1. Product protected by valid patents are not offered for sale in countries where the sale of such products constitutes a patent infrigement. Also the onus of patent applicability shall remain with Importer.
  2. PN - Producer Norms